About Kate

My name is Kate Taliaferro. I am a wife and mother of 6 children. My husband, Ben, is in the Air Force and loves his his job. John, Rosie, Clare, Eliza, Gabriel and Nathan are our kiddos and are our biggest blessings. Ben and I were both raised Catholic and are intentionally continuing to live our faith in all areas of our lives, especially in our home.

I have an MA in Religious Education from Felician College. I did it all online and started before John was born. It has been a long road and I’m so thrilled to be done and have more time, which I hope to fill with this blog. I am a contributor to CatholicMom.com. You can find my articles here. I am also a member of the daily Gospel reflection team for diocesan.com. In June 2022 I was featured on National Catholic Register’s website in their Food section.

Additionally, I have a published piece in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families: 101 Stories about the Force Behind the Forces. I am so proud to be a military spouse and to be able to promote, support and encourage all military families with this blog.

One of the things that I have come across again and again, both in my BA and MA courses as well as in practical ministry on our base parishes, is that adults don’t always have a lot of resources or confidence when it comes to daily faith. What I want to share, with everyone really, is that faith is not a separate function or area of life. Every day should be a day that faith is integrated into your family’s activities, no matter how normal or boring they may seem.

This blog is basically that. Looking at how God is speaking to us, me in particular, in my cooking (which I completely love), cleaning (which I avoid or complain about often) and the everyday ordinary. Hopefully it will inspire you to look at your day and see where God can be found in your ordinary.

I would love to connect with you here at the blog, on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest or at kate.k.taliaferro@gmail.com.

God Bless!


Daily Graces. kktaliaferro.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “About Kate

  1. You are an amazing woman and mother. How blessed you are to have found such a powerful vehicle to share our faith. God bless you and yours. Give your beautiful children a hug from me. I miss them.


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