Free Lenten Journals

It’s been over three years now of free Lent devotionals and Lectio Divina journals. As I continue to grow, I continue to write and update. I hope to use this page to keep these resources in an organized fashion for you, dear reader, so that you can access devotionals you loved and offer you new content each year.

In her wisdom, the Church uses a 3-year cycle of readings for Sundays. These are commonly referred to as Year A, B, and C (I know, highly creative). Below you will find the Lent resources organized in a similar fashion along with the year (dated and liturgical) so you can select the devotional right for you.

These resources are completely free for you to print and share. However, these are intended for individual use, meaning:

  • An individual can print off a copy to use for their own personal Lent growth and reflection
  • A group of individuals could each print their own copy and choose to get together once a week to reflect and discuss together
  • A parish coordinator COULD NOT print off 100 copies to be placed in the back of church for parishioners to take as they wish
  • A parish coordinator COULD put a note in the bulletin notifying parishioners there is a place for free Lent resources and provide a copy of the link to this page.

The reason for these restrictions and requests are due to copyright regulations.