Merry Christmas 2015

Dear Friends and Readers,

I hope and pray this note of Christmas tidings finds you among friends, family, good cheer and the sure knowledge that Jesus Christ is truly alive, born anew in each of our hearts this special day. Throughout Advent we have prepared for His coming. Now that our anticipation has come to fulfillment, I hope we all can rejoice together by putting into even greater and more earnest practice the lessons this Advent has taught us. May we be more patient, more grateful, more aware of others, quicker to love and forgive and above all, filled with courage to live out the Incarnation in our daily lives. Jesus, true God and true Man, lives in each of us. When we open our lives to Him and His divine will, we allow the Incarnation to flow through us.

I cannot begin to thank each of you for journeying through Advent with me. It has been a labor of love and learning and I hope you receive as much inspiration and joy while reading them as I did writing them.

May God bless you,



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