That Thing Everyone Is Talking About

Hi dear friends. I have struggled back and forth about whether I should talk about what everyone else is talking about…you know. This past year has been difficult to say the least in our politics and government. I am not one for major controversy so all the back and forth, the name calling, the leaks, emails, assumptions and accusations have been tough to wrap my brain around. This post isn’t about any of that.

Actually, this post is quite short because I want you to travel back in blog time with me to this past Easter. I was sitting here today wondering yet again if I should post something regarding the election and moving forward. Then it hit me, I already have!

For Easter I wrote about Jesus’ command in Matthew 5:13 to be the salt of the earth. I can think of no better explanation or encouragement than what I already wrote. So, rather than inventing the wheel, head over to Season Your World and read it in light of November’s events. Nothing can be done to change the outcome, regardless of whether that means you are celebrating or in mourning. It’s time to look forward and assess just how salty we each are.

Also, don’t forget that Advent is just around the corner. I’ll be posting daily Advent Prayer Experiences this year. Click the link to learn more about the inspiration and if you aren’t already following the blog now is a great time to do so. That way the daily posts will show up right in your email. I’m doing my very best to keep them between 350 and 500 words so they won’t take up your whole morning =)

In peace friends


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