September Post

Here is the start to my post for September. I would love it if you clicked over and checked out the whole thing. Enjoy!

Bring Your Senses With You

“Sharron, things need to be stirred!” So said my husband’s grandfather to his wife when she queried him regarding the state of their crockpot meal. Grandpa Joe was legendary for not leaving those crock pots alone. In his mind, food shouldn’t be left to sit, as a crockpot requires. He always had to stir things up, checking what was what and I suspect trying to discover what was for dinner that evening.

I was thinking about this the other day while cleaning the bathroom of all places. We inherited a fancy touchless toilet from the previous owners of our house. There is a little button that isn’t really a button that indicates where you should wave your hand to make the toilet flush. No matter how many times I explain to the kids, they insist on pushing the non-button. Just like in the grocery store, museums, park or yes, even the bathroom, things just need to be touched — at least according to kids.

Things need to be touched, stirred, smelled, tasted and seen. God made us tactile people, sensual people. Jesus, God who became human in all things except sin, experienced this. He ate bread made by his mother. He carved wood with his foster father. Jesus walked miles with his friends, perhaps even barefoot at times. He knew the fatigue of the hot sun at noon and he felt the refreshment of the cool breezes of twilight. In all of Jesus’ ministry, he engaged in the daily activities of life. Jesus didn’t talk at people, he worked with them. This is why, in my mind and in the eyes of the Church, the practices Jesus left us are just as much physical as spiritual.

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