Embracing Challenge

I think I finally understand why Ben enjoys endurance biking. My husband, Ben, has been training the last few months for a bike race that will be 100 miles…up and down mountains (gorgeous views of the Pacific ocean and California coast)…with roughly 1,000 other road bikers. Personally, all this time, I haven’t really understood his desire to do this. I intellectually understand he has a joy for riding. He freely admits to being a tinkerer and has very nearly stripped down the entire bike to the frame and has built it back up with new and used parts so that it perfectly fits him. He just loves it, even if he comes back from a training tired, dirty and sore.

The amount of physical effort that he has put into this venture is immense and I applaud him for it – I just don’t understand it! Until now, at least.

Now, before I tell you what my enlightenment experience was, please promise not to laugh too loudly.

Image from: http://www.clc-scituate.org/bells-sound/
Image from: http://www.clc-scituate.org/bells-sound/

Bell choir.

Yes, I have joined the bell choir at our church. Basically the bell choir is the adult choir (which I also sing with), but with bells. (We aren’t quite this awesome…).

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