December 16, 2016 – The Other

We’ve considered our individual relationships with creation, water and food and how they might change when we daily, intentionally invite Jesus into our everyday lives. These are things that humans cannot live without. We cannot live without creation around us, therefore the health of creation will directly impact our own health and wellbeing. We cannot live without water – it makes us 98% of our bodies! We cannot live without food, which fuels our body and gives us the sustenance necessary to function. There is one still more thing without which we will never to fully thrive:

Other People

When God made humans, well wait. Think about that. God made Adam – one human. But then, after naming all the animals, Adam still wasn’t satisfied. The companionship, the longing to share his life with another, could not be fulfilled by the animals. He needed an equal, a co-worker, to build a community with. Enter Eve.

This need to share life with another is found in the the one we are modeled after. We are made in the image and likeness of God. We know God is one God. But God is also three Persons, a unity or community in which no Person dominates over the others. Our desire for community finds its roots here.

Today, think about the communities you are a part of. If you are married, you and your spouse form a community. Add children, a larger community. Your parents and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Your work community, church community, craft community, volunteer community. All of these communities have a common point – you. So, while you pray today, pray for your communities. Ask God to show you what ways you can make your communities better and more life giving for all the members. Most importantly, make sure to ask God to show you who might be looking in on your communities, wishing to join or to be invited in. Your new coworker might enjoy a meal with your family. The new family down the street is looking for a church. Your uncle who you haven’t seen in awhile is able to make it to Christmas this year and you know that he is uncomfortable around x, y, or z family member (for whatever read). What can you do to ensure he feels welcome?

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