Makin’ Rosaries

A few days ago we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. One of the many messages Mary gave to the visionaries was the Oh My Jesus Prayer that we say at the end of each decade of the rosary. I decided to incorporate this apparition and prayer into our homeschooling for the day, since this is one prayer that my children do not know.

1014151317_HDROne of the things I learned how to do in college on a retreat was make the rope or cord rosaries. I absolutely love to make these, even today. I actually have a bunch of rope in my house left over from college, different groups, and a project I did for a retreat my mom was leading.

One of the things that I love about these rosaries is that they are pretty darn indestructible. This means that they are perfect for my kids to learn on. I dug into my bag of cord and of course, only found one. But, with so much extra cord, I figured I would just make one for John. While Rosie was excited to receive hers, John was ecstatic that I would actually be making one.

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