Advent Reflections – December 4, 2015

Open to Life: The Reality of Motherhood

The reality of motherhood is very simple. A woman is a mother in the physical sense when she conceives and bears a child. If we were to leave our definition of motherhood at this fact, our understanding would be very narrow indeed. Just because someone bears a child does not necessarily give them the monopoly on the title “mother.” A grandmother or grandfather who takes care of their grandchildren because the mother is absent. An aunt or uncle who adopt their niece or nephew because their mother has passed away. A friend who cares for her friend’s children while she is deployed. The two best friends that raise their families next door to one another, sharing their parenthood across their backyards. The older couple at church that quietly and gently mentors young couples in their relationships with each other and with God.

Motherhood is more than physically bearing a child. It is recognizing that a life outside of our own requires our time, attention, compassion and nurturing. When we are open and welcoming to the life that is around us, especially the life that is in need, we participate in our own motherhood, whatever that may look like.

Think of one person who you have been like a mother too (if you are a mother, try to think of someone who is not your physical child). How were you open to welcoming their life into your own?

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