Advent Reflections – December 3, 2015

Characteristics of a Mother

Each of us has a unique experience of motherhood. All of our mothers were different. Some of us are mothers. Some will never become mothers. Regardless of our experiences and situations, we all have some basic notion of motherhood. Our human history has attributed certain characteristics to what I would call an “ideal mother.” Based on my own reckoning, and in no particular order, here are a few such characteristics that I believe sum up the basics of an “ideal mother”:

  1. Open to life
  2. Able to love without needing, requiring or expecting love in return
  3. Willing to sacrifice or suffer on behalf of others, especially her children
  4. Capable of forgiveness
  5. Desires to live in harmony with others

Mary fulfills all of these characteristics. Indeed, she even exceeds the expectations of history by perfectly living each of these qualities to their fullest.

When we imitate Mary, we are striving to ingrain these qualities into the very fiber of our being. By living these characteristics, we not only will draw closer to Mary, we are walking in her footsteps which always lead us directly to her Son.

Which of the 5 qualities listed resonates the most with you at this particular stage of your life? Which, at first glance, do you think would be the hardest to adopt?

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