December 6, 2016 – Looking Outward

Mary is a great example for us in Advent, especially her fiat and all that follows. We saw yesterday how Mary said yes to God and His Will for her life. Today, let’s look at what follows.

When Mary says yes to God, her life changes course and she begins to move along a different trajectory than the previous day. She went from being one Mary among many (Mary was a common name) to Mary, the Mother of God. Talk about a life change.

In her discussion with the angel, Mary is told that her cousin Elizabeth is also pregnant. This is a big deal because we are specifically told Elizabeth was too old to have children. In my opinion Mary is told this information for two reasons. First, to help her understand what was happening and what was being asked of her. Mary is, after all, completely human.

Second, it’s for all of us. From her first moments as the Mother of God, Mary is teaching us what it means to fully follow Christ. Mary could have stayed home. She could have begun sewing clothes for Jesus while trying to make Joseph and her family understand what had happened to her. Instead, she looks outside of herself and chooses to serve her cousin.

Uniting our will as Mary did with God’s involves looking less to our will and focusing on God’s. Part of Original Sin is an inclination to put ourselves first and others second, or third, or never. Mary’s choice to visit Elizabeth concretely displays for us the attitude or posture that comes from uniting our will with God’s.

Who is one person you can serve in a special way today? Perhaps there is someone who you have noticed needs your time, attention, generosity or random act of kindness. Take the time today and serve that someone.

***Were you able to find 3 opportunities to more fully unite your will to God’s? What was your attitude like when you found an opportunity? Did you find that you already unite your will to God is some areas of your day, but avoid it in others? Please feel free to share your experience, thoughts and offer support to one another in the comments, on Twitter with the #DailyGraces or on the Facebook page.Daily Graces.

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