#TakeYourChapelWithYou – The Assumption – 200 Posts!

I’m starting a new hashtag – #takeyourchapelwithyou. This is something I’ve been thinking about on and off for some time, and I think I’ve got a full fledged idea ready for use. And, what better to post about on my 200th blog post than a brand new idea!

Most of us carry our smartphones around for some part of the day (how much of the day I leave between you, God and your phone) *wink wink*. Many of us also complain about how it would be so great if we could find more silence, or time for prayer, or just time in general. If only there was something that we had with us, almost all day long, something we looked at when we woke up, to keep track of the time, found recipes in, logged our gym time in, and use as an alarm clock before we go to bed. If only!!!

If only no longer, for I give you — da da da! The lock screen.

It’s simple, it’s unobtrusive and it’s ever present. You’re lock screen has so much potential for power. Everytime you turn on your phone you get a glimpse. If you happen to have a newer smartphone it’s possible that each time you simply pick up your phone you will be gifted with a moment with your lock screen.

The images people usually use on their lock screens are varied. Some are of their kids, some are of beautiful places or vacations, others are of silly memories or motivational quotes. Why don’t we take this ideal place and infuse it with the beauty of our faith? You can literally #takeyourchapelwithyou. Or the Vatican. Or the Nativity. Or Mary. Or the saints. Or Pope Francis. Or a sweeping sunset with a Scripture verse reminding you of God’s love. Or take your pick!

But where, where you may be asking do you find these inspirational images? Well, I’ve found a few websites that have them for free. I am also going to be growing a collection of FREE, already perfectly sized images that you can save and use and share. You can also make your own. Here are the websites I’ve found so far, if you know of more please share them in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget our hashtag #takeyourchapelwithyou.

https://cassiepeasedesigns.com/portfolio/wallpapers/ – so many beautiful images here! Currently, this one is on my lock screen – I love icons


https://blessedisshe.net/category/bis-wallpapers/ – Every week Blessed is She has a new wallpaper based on the Sunday readings. Some are simple and others are more elaborate. All are beautiful

https://lifeteen.com/wallpapers/ – a fair number of wallpapers here, from simple quotes to complex images.

Here are the ones that I’ve made so far. As I make them, I’ll also be adding them to the new page up above.


MagnificatEvangelii GaudiumHoly Spirit WindowLet us love

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